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When to apply molecricket treatments

Depending on your area, molecricket treatment should be timed to kill immatures (nymphs) which do the most damage to turf grasses. In the Gulf Coast area (for example,) treat with Talstar during the last week of April; in the Carolina coastal area, Memorial Day is the designated time for Talstar Insecticide application.
Many people will "jump the gun" and treat a month or two too soon, trying to kill the full-blown adult molecrickets they see on their sidewalks, in swimming pools, etc. This is a mistake as well as a waste of their time and money. The adult pests are not feeding so much as they are mating. Their young are the pests which kill turf grasses -- and their young are much easier to kill!
Talstar products cannot be shipped to MA, SC, NY, NJ, CT, VT, CA, AK


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