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Mole Out All Natural Mole and Vole Repellent

Product Description Application of Repellent Ordering Mole Out
Granular Formula.
All Natural, Organic.
No Mixing Needed.
No Strong Odors.
Use For: Golf Courses, Lawns, Gardens, Flowerbeds,
Playgrounds, and Other Turf Recreational Areas.
Safe Around Children, Pets and Plants.
Treats 2500 Sq. Feet
Apply Spring, Summer, and Fall
Easy Application,
Just Sprinkle and Water!

Dr. T's Mole Out is a granulated, non-toxic product used to repel burrowing animals from treated areas.
Active Ingredients:

  • Rucinus Communis Oil ... 10%
  • Attapulgite Hormite Clay ... 90%

Mole Out is packaged in a 5 pound container that will cover 2,500 square feet.

Directions for Use

Initial Application:  Apply 1 tablespoon of Mole Out directly into the mole tunnel at 5 foot intervals, by punching a 1 inch hole in the runway.  After applying product into each hole, cover the holes with soil.  Upon completing the above procedure, broadcast Mole Out at the rate of 1 pound per 500 square feet; each 5 pound container will cover 2,500 square feet.  Water product well.

Follow-Up Applications:    Apply 1 pound of Mole Out per 500 square feet in early Spring, Summer and Fall.  Dr T's Whole Control can also be used to prevent moles and voles from burrowing in larger areas.  Mole Out is also used as part of Armadillo elimination program.
The area where Mole Out is applied should be thoroughly watered down before each mowing.  This will help prevent the material from being picked up by your lawn mower.

Mole Out Ordering Information

You will need one (1) 5 pound container of Mole Out per 2,500 square feet of area to be treated.

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