Merit .5 G Systemic Granules

White Grub Control in Lawns


Merit insecticides have a systemic action that provides superior control of grubs, white grubs in lawns.
Timing of insecticide applications for grubs in lawns has always been the most complicated and delicate aspect of the job.  Just as in molecricket elimination, grub elimination should be timed when the youngest of the feeding pests are close to the surface.

Pesticides applied to lawns in July and early August will have the best control.  Do not confuse lawn applications with ornamental applications.  Spraying ornamentals will kill adult insects but the products used for this type of job usually do not have any noticeable effect on grubs.  Use Talstar to spray plants that need protection from adult Japanese Beetles.

Merit Granules help take some of the guess work out of when to apply your pesticide.  This product has a longer residual, which translates into a much larger window of opportunity for you.  The applications are usually made from July to August, but you should contact your local county extension office for the precise time.

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Merit Systemic Insecticide Granules for Grub Control